Toolkit Features

2017 Dictionary

Up-to-date Tag and UID dictionary classes with latest edition of the DICOM standard.

Memory Optimized

Stream large images with reduced heap memory usage with frame converters.

DICOM Networking

Setup associations and communicate with peer DICOM devices.

Retired Features

Support for many retired features of previous versions of the DICOM standard.

Imaging Support

4GB in-memory image support and java-native RLE and JPEG14 implementation.

Extended Character Sets

Support for extended and replacement character sets including Japanese,Chinese and Korean.

Trial Version

Download a trial version

The trial version is fully functional and is the best way to get to know JDT. You need a key in order to activate the trial version. Download the distribution and apply for a key with the form below.


Request an evaluation key

Please fill in the form and provide a valid email address. You will receive an evaluation key by email shortly afterwards.

Toolkit Documentation

JDT User Guide

An introduction to JDT with examples.


Reference Javadoc of all public classes and methods.

JDT License Pricing

Developer - $495

Grants one developer the right to develop software with JDT. Every developer license also includes a limited distribution license that gives the purchaser the right to deploy a single application developed with JDT within the organisation of the purchaser and for internal use only.

Distribution - $3,995

Grants the purchaser the non-transferable right to distribute an unlimited number of applications that make use of JDT to an unlimited number of end-users.

Source Code - $4,995

Source code of JDT can be purchased for continuity purposes or integration in your software. A source code license can only be purchased in addition to a developer or distribution license.

For exact license terms and conditions please read the full license agreement.

Ordering and payment information

We accept credit card and electronic bank transfer. Please contact for more information on how to order.

Updates and Upgrades Annual Renewal

The purchase of a distribution license includes free updates and upgrades for a period of one year from the time of purchase. This period can be anually renewed for USD 995 for customers that have purchased a distribution license and/or source code license.

About Trispark

Trispark is a software component development company located in Belgium near the city of Antwerp.

Recognizing the need for a commercially supported DICOM toolkit in java and building upon years of experience in the field of medical imaging, we founded the company in 1998, then called Softlink, to build and maintain the 'Java DICOM toolkit'. A few years later, we changed the name Softlink into Trispark.

Since then our toolkit has matured into a solid base for developers seeking to build DICOM software in java.